bet9官方在1937年生产了第一个压铸件. 今天,我们提供了多种   压铸产品的客户多样化,遍布世界各地. 我们不仅仅是 压铸 公司.  Our specialty is net shape manufacturing of castings so that little to no 加工 is required.  当需要额外服务时,我们的 功能 包括设计服务, 加工, 表面处理, sub-assembly operations enabling us to provide a turnkey product to our customers.

我们为自己的成长感到骄傲, 长寿, 并与我们的客户建立了合作关系, 供应商和社会. Our continuing effort to improve the environment and enhance scholastic achievement emphasizes our commitment to being a benchmark for corporate citizenry. 我们的企业文化是由 高级管理人员 以及所有CWM员工的输入和贡献. We continue to set the standard for excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. Our focus and motivation is best exemplified by our 公司 motto “Excellence Is Expected.”


Chicago White Metal Casting Ornamental and Mechanical Products was founded on October 17, 1937年作者:Walter G. Treiber(总裁)和Samuel Gullo(秘书/Treas). 该公司的第一个地点是在芝加哥南部附近, 在一幢没有电梯的阁楼的三楼. Walter Treiber and Samuel Gullo saw an opportunity to produce slush castings (hand pouring molten metal into molds) of better quality and with a more decorative appearance than other current market offerings.
CWM创始人沃尔特Treiber老. 和圣Gullo
沃尔特Treiber老. (左)和圣古洛(右)


泥浆浇铸业务继续增长, 主要服务于灯座行业和棺材角行业. 模具是由Walter Treiber设计和手工制作的, 而塞缪尔·古洛则找到客户购买铸件.

第二次世界大战初期,公司发生了重大变化. 第一个, 并且对未来具有重大意义, one of Walter Treiber’s close friends who was in the machinery business convinced him to buy a used Kipp cast 压铸 machine for $500.00. As money was very tight for the young 公司, Walter’s wife Madeline loaned the 公司 $500.00. Madeline Treiber at the time was working in the household of one of the founders of Sears Roebuck. 这台原装的Kipp机器永久陈列在CWM大堂.

在第一台机器投入使用后, the aggressive entrepreneurs saw more opportunities to produce greater quantities of this new type of casting. 在40年代初搬到一个更大的设施, they could now accommodate the addition of many more of these small 压铸 machines, 打开和关闭装置是手动操作的地方, 熔融金属在大约100磅的压力下注入模具. 空气压力.


同时还在进行泥浆浇铸, 压铸部分的业务持续增长, 但只是用更小的组件.

客户对稍大的零件的需求也在增加,而且目前的位置, 有限的尺寸和地板重量限制, 迫使公司再次考虑搬迁.

CWM委托一位建筑师设计一座新工厂, 第一个是位于芝加哥西北部的公司所有的. 1956年中期,CWM搬进了这个占地12000平方公里的新地方. ft. 设施. 目前仍只生产小型锌压铸件和熔浆铸件, 随着整体经济的扩张,增长的机会出现了. 沃尔特Treiber小.现任董事长于1959年年中加入公司.



一旦稳固地安置在更大的设施, 水煤浆能够满足大型锌压铸件日益增长的需求. The slush casting business was declining and was sold off to a friendly competitor, 允许主要的焦点是压铸段的增长.

在60年代中期,一个非常好的客户设计了一个单缸割草机, 这是第一批, 并坚持让CWM为电机外壳进行铝压铸. 这对公司来说是一个巨大的挑战. 第一个, a building had to be constructed to house the new 铝 压铸 machine. 接下来的任务是设计和建造一个非常大的外壳模具, 对它的工作原理知之甚少, ultimately producing a very complicated casting with steel inserts cast in place. After much trial and error and a very patient customer everything worked and CWM was in the 铝 压铸 business.


CWM now offered 铝 and 锌 压铸s for a narrow niche market that required very highly cosmetic and close toleranced castings. 用它, CWM’s market grew beyond what had historically been a geographical area of 250 miles from Chicago.

A corporate change occurred in 1973 when founding partner Samuel Gullo retired from the 公司. The Treiber family purchased his 50% share and increased 公司 ownership to 100% which is the status today. 由于CWM在采用新的自动化程序方面处于行业领先地位.g., 全自动压铸机, improved die making procedures) many new customers were attracted in the niche markets the 公司 was focusing on more and more.

1971年,CWM在伊利诺州Bensenville购买了7英亩土地用于未来的发展. (Western boundary of O’Hare Airport) and started very preliminary plans for long term growth. 随着塞缪尔·古洛的收购,这个计划被推迟到了70年代中期. 在此期间,小沃尔特·特雷伯. visited 压铸 factories in many parts of the world to solicit ideas for the new plant. 在1974年初, 我们聘请了一位建筑师,并与他进行了密切的合作, CWM最先进的压铸设备于1975年5月建成. 该公司从大约. 18,500 sq. ft. 76500平方. ft. 在Bensenville.

CWM Bensenville, IL建筑
bet9官方铸造有限公司. 建筑标志


拥有最先进的压铸设备, CWM吸引了欧洲的新客户, 中东, 远东, 加拿大, 等. 这也开启了CWM在热室镁压铸领域的早期冒险. 作为一个产业,它已经在美国彻底消亡了.S. 由于单一的材料供应商和高度波动的价格. 然而,小沃尔特·特雷伯. 认为这是一个增长的机会. 在接下来的30多年里, CWM continued to effectively grow the hot chamber 镁 压铸 business to its present-day success.

In 1985, 再次预测我们客户未来的需求, Walter Treiber委托我们的建筑师设计和建造一个R&D设施. 两层楼的复杂, 位于水煤浆厂房的西北角, 今天我们的工程技术, 销售/市场营销, 过程, 采购, 和IT部门.

In 1988, Carolyn Treiber joined the 公司 and worked with our extensive sales representative organization. Carolyn继续担任CWM的公司董事.


In 1990, Eric Treiber joined CWM, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. 全球经济正以创纪录的速度升温. CWM’s customers favored our strategy of providing them with complete “value added” solutions. CNC 加工 was becoming a much more prevalent service offering along with contract assembly. 1992年,CWM建造了2.5万平方英尺的大楼,这被认为是一个非常大胆的举动. ft. addition to house conventional 加工, contract assembly, CNC 加工 services. The 公司 was now well positioned to support an incredible influx of business opportunities that would materialize between 1995 – 2000.

支持快速发展的国内和国际业务, 管理层知道需要改进我们的质量结构. In 1994, 管理团队开始采用ISO 9001注册的旅程, 1995年完成了哪些工作. 成功地解决了这个障碍, 目标是在1999年完成ISO 14001注册. CWM是美国第一家压铸公司.S. 执行本环境标准.

Walter Treiber董事长及儿子Eric Treiber,总裁兼首席执行官
董事长Walter Treiber(右)和儿子Eric Treiber(左),总裁兼首席执行官
Walter Treiber,董事长及儿子,Eric Treiber,总裁兼首席执行官
董事长Walter Treiber(右)和儿子Eric Treiber(左),总裁兼首席执行官


The dawn of a new millennium brought both excitement about the opportunities to come and extreme challenges as a result of the changing economic landscape. The early 2000’s saw a major pullback in the technology markets due to overbuilding that took place in prior years, 再加上制造业向离岸采购的转型. 美国.S. 压铸行业受到了沉重的打击,我们的许多竞争对手都没有幸存下来.

CWM worked diligently during these tumultuous times with the support of a dedicated, 忠诚的, agile team in order to ensure that we are well-positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of our current and future customers. 

In December of 2009, Eric Treiber was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer. With this new post, Eric became the third generation of his family to lead the business.


CWM saw two big milestones in the 2010s as we celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2012 and our 80th anniversary in 2017. These milestones are significant because less than 25% of companies make it through their first three years, 只有10%的人活到75岁以上.

水煤厂也保持着高度的环保意识. In 2016, we became one of only 4 压铸 companies in North America to upgrade to the 2015 standard for both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 今天, bet9官方仍然致力于我们的创始原则的服务, 专业知识, 和完整性. We continue to develop new and innovative manufacturing solutions for our customers. 

Eric Treiber,总裁兼首席执行官


Despite the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, bet9官方铸造有限公司. 保持财务稳定,并继续提供关键的铝, 镁, 以及锌压铸件的广泛客户基础.