Industrial Die Castings

CWM’s die castings can maximize product performance at the lowest unit cost, for an ever-expanding range of industrial applications.

Porosity-controlled, precision die castings are used in valve bodies for marine power steering, industrial pumps, and commercial air compressors.  A manifold valve has seven external thread sets cast in place, replacing six former parts. Superior strength and as-cast surface finish makes die casting the optimum choice for zinc commercial door handles and industrial lighting fixtures. Light weight and high impact strength are combined in hand-held pneumatic nail gun housings and aircraft food tray arms.

Compared to plastic parts, die casting components made from magnesiumzinc, and aluminum provide far superior strength and the thermal properties necessary to survive the higher speeds and heat generated by today’s more powerful portable commercial-industrial power tools and equipment.

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CWM Industrial Die Cast Options
CWM produces a wide range of die casting components for the industrial industry.
Halina Swider Workmanship Standards Employed Since 1984
Halina Swider Workmanship Standards Employed Since 1984